The New Texans

The New Texans
oklahoma city botanical gardens at christmas

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

              I haven't blogged for 2 1/2 weeks or so. Just didn't have much to write. 2 Sunday's ago I fixed PDs Smothered steak and onions, it was yummy of course. Last Sunday I made PDs chicken bog, another yummy dish. I think I'm gonna slow down on the PD recipes cuz Ive gained 7 lbs. Gonna go back to the way I normally eat. Maybe do a recipe a month at a time. She just uses too much butter in her food. But boy is it goooood.
              our pup Spanky is funny. If his dish is empty he brings it to you to fill it. I bought this little koala for him and it laughs just like our grandson Kyle so I named it Kyle. So I tell the dog go get Kyle and he picks up that koala and brings it to me. He must think it sounds like Kyle too. It cracked me up! He also knows which toy is the pig and the fox. He has finally lost his alligator baby teeth. Seriously, they were pointed like alligator or shark teeth. Now his teeth look normal and flat on top and straight too. He still uses me as a chew toy tho. Ive tried everything i can think of to get him to stop. Ive even bit him back and he yelps and comes back for more.
               The other day we went for a walk . He of course was on a leash. We got over between 2 of the cabins and he started running around me in a big circle, just barely at the end of his leash and ran and ran and ran around and around. If he did get to end of leash he would stop and plop down and stare at me. I would approach him. I would get about 3 ft from him and he would jump up and start running again. and around he would go.

                Paul took me to the mall Sunday. Went into Dillards for the first time. Pretty nice! I bought me the most awesome boots there. Real leather, love smelling them.They were on clearance and the only pair like them. Should of cost me 200.00 but I only paid 48.00 and they smell so good. I love the smell of leather. I keep asking my mom if she can get me one of our old saddles to have before my brother gets rid of them. she asks where will I put it. It doesnt matter where I put it. I will find a place so I can smell it once in awhile. Besides I should be able to have one of the saddles that I rode with when I was growing up. Its not fair that just my brothers get that stuff. What am I chopped liver? Probably! Anyhow I also bought some tops at Pennys and finally used my gift card that I got for Christmas.

                 Today is Valentines Day. I made some brownies and cut them in the shape of hearts and dipped them in chocolate. but the chocolate was melting funny so I added some butter to see if that would help . Then I added some sweetened condenced milk and that didnt help either. I still put the chocolate on thembut I might just put them in the trash. While I was melting the chocolate the spatula that I was using came oout of the pan with half of it missing. That could be why it melted funny. I pulled out a few tiny pieces of it but Im afraid the rest melted in the stuff That might not be a good thing to eat. Maybe I could just scrape off the chocolate and just save the brownies.thats probably what I will do.
                 We are going to have steaks tonight with grilled veggies and baked potatoes. It will  be yummy and we can eat outside cuz its gonna get in the 70s today. Ya Hoooooo!
                   Well thats all for now, everybody have a happy Valentines Day!