The New Texans

The New Texans
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day 1 new blog/ 3rd day of the new year 2012

So here I am on day one of setting up my blog. Ive been going to do this for several months but couldnt think of what I would write about or is that blog about. We havent really taken in too much site seeing with Paul working 10 hour days and alot of weekends. I decided to do a blog sorta like a diary. Maybe I might be able to sell some of my stuff from doing this. I also decided that once a week I would pick a recipe out of my Paula Deen's cooking bible or my Southern Living cookbook and make it, take a pic of the meal (pretty of not) eat it and let ya'll  know how it was. I also am hoping by having this blog that my mom will get on line and check it out. She refuses to do e-mail and Facebook but I think she can browze on her computer. If she can't I hope somebody at home will show her how to so she can see some of these pics I post on FB.
     So back to recipes. last night I made smothered chicken and it was yummy.. It was easy and had few ingredients. Unfortunately I didnt take a pic of it becuz I thought of the recipe thing after we ate. It did have a whole stick of butter in it which made it toxic for all of us so its probably a good thing Im only gonna try them out once aweek. It was a PD recipe.
     Oh, another thing I could talk about is our vampire puppy, Spanky the new member of our family.And life in a campground. Which both are interesting, maybe, maybe not

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