The New Texans

The New Texans
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spanky the Malti-tzu

  About out pup, His name is Spanky(from our gang) We acually bought 2 pups (not my idea) Paul thought they needed company. The other guy's name was Alfalfa(Alfie).He was so cute, I picked him. He had more maltese features and mellow. Paul chose Spanky cuz he seemed spunky. Well we took them to the vet 2 days later to have them looked at. They had diarhea but I didnt think that was going to be anything serious. Well they had round worms and coccidia which is parasites in  the intestines. these two things they get from their mother before they are born which means she was not vaccinated for them. They also had ear mites which is the sign of a dirty facility. First we didnt know she was a breeder until we meant her. She had us meet her in this little town in a parking lot. she lived 2 1/2 hours away. So she met us half way so we wouldnt have to be on the road for 5 hours total. well to make along story short, my little
alfie died.
     I txt her 4 times during this whole ordeal and she never responded.. Finally 2 wks before Christmas I txt her one more time. told her the vet and a guy from the tx dept of agriculture, animal health said the dogs got sick from her facility and there fore I would like my money back for the one dog, not a replacement. Wow she wrote me back and said she would refund the money. Havent seen it yet so I guess Im gonna have to txt her again and turn her into the Ag dept. and have them check out her facility If I dont see a check soon. They are having a real problem here in tx with puppy mills and dirty facilities and shutting them down.So I guess its agood thing Paul picked out this guy cuz he is fine. He just makes me his new chew toy. I even put hot sauce on my hands once and he still try gnawing on me. Ill tell you more about him another day 

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