The New Texans

The New Texans
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Hey y'all, We have a campworker who is leaving to go home to Dallas cuz he's in LOVE. His name is Joe, he's a retired elementary art teacher. So some of us went to the pizza place here in West for one last dinner before he and his dog, Friend leave. I have pictures of all of us.Dick and Judy from Tx/Louisianna. Dave and Sue from Minnesotta. And our campground owner stopped by, Charles.
     Dick and Judy left awhile back to work with core of engineers at Lake Waco and will be heading to Co. In a few months to work at a lake above Estes Park. They are gonna love it there.
      Dave and Sue just announced they are leaving too. They need to be closer to Waco so they are probably gonna get a spot close to Dick and Judy and work there too. I'll be able to visit them while they are all here. Plus we still have to go shooting and gun shopping with Sue and Dave.
       I was gorgeous out yesterday, got to 77 degrees. Today only to be 60 +. But nicer again tomorrow.

Judy,Sue and Me

                                                     Joe being silly,Dave and Dick
                                                    Paul, Joe, Dave,Dick, Charles the campowner
                                                    Judyand Sue
Paul,Joe, Dave,Dick,And Charles

       Over presidents day weekend Abbie and Toby are flying  to Amy's from Co. and Shasta Is flying in from Georgia. My Mom is also flying with Ab and we will meet them at Amy's. Itll be fun, got to take them to the fed. building memorial. It is awesome.

        Anyhow I have this awesome idea for a product to sell.And I needed Info on how to manufacture it and get it out to stores.So I put it out there on FB. Got advice from several people including my cousin Rehnay, But one person Debbe Richards (old Classmate) sent me a link for Anew contest which is being but on by Wally World and will be a reality show to boot. I have until Feb 22 to submit a video of me and my product. So I got to get the ball rolling and get a proto type made and get that video made. E Gads!!! The winner will get their item manufactured and put in certain Wal mart stores around US So if I get this done, I hope everybody will vote for me.Pray I get this done. Cuz I know there is a use for my product out there and for a very long time people will be buying it, Like forever. So send out those good vibes  and positive energy that I get this thing made.
       Well enough of this I got work to do. No time to waste. Talk at y'all or is it Blog at y'all later!

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