The New Texans

The New Texans
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

     Good morning, Last nite I decided to do another PD recipe. I made Molasses game hens. Also we had green beans and salad. Now I don't usually change the recipe the first time I make it, but I was missing cayenne pepper. No time to go to town so I used chili powder. Also I did not put it in a roaster pan and bake it. I tried cooking it in an electric skillet, thinking I could create an oven atmosphere. Didnt want to waste our propane. So I made 2 mistakes and It made a difference. It was lacking something in the flavor dept. and almost burned the molasses concoction because of the direct heat.You were to keep basting with the stuff. I usually use my bbq grill to create an oven atmosphere which works great and I should of because it was real nice outside. I will try this recipe again but I will make sure I use cayenne pepper and bake it properly. I still took pics of  the meal. Tonite  we are gonna just have hamburgers.
      I bought Spanky a new toy today that squeaks  and it scares him It is so funny watching him try to growl at it and paw at it. Then when it squeaks it jumps into the air trying to get away from it. Its so funny.
      I also finished painting a sign with our names on it to put up outside like everybody else has. You will see a pic of it too, but my phone didnt take a very good pic of it . Looks faded in color. Oh well!
      Talked to Shasta today and she is so bummed. She and Jim were training to run a marathon in March and Jim pulled or tore something in his leg so they wont be going now. He might have to have surgery, hope he tries physical therapy first. I would like to watch her sometime run one
       Amy is trying to get her big sis Abbie to visit her in okl. city soon. I hope she comes so I can see her too.

        Well check out my crazy food pics and talk at y"all later.

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