The New Texans

The New Texans
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Monday, January 16, 2012

       Well on Saturday I fixed PD's Red Wine Beef Stew. It was a little involved but it was delicious. It was more like steak with a gravy you pour over mashed potatoes..Also made broccoli and cauliflower salad from my southern living cookbook. We had it for leftovers yesterday and it was still yummy. It called for a whole bottle of wine.
          yesterday one of our single guy neighbors decided to get totally wasted and play his radio in his truck real loud. It was no big deal all day but once it got dark and bedtime it became a real problem for the people that lived on both sides of him.The owner actually told him to turn it down earlier in the day. Neither of the neighbors complained but the owner called the sheriff at 10;30 pm last night. 4 cop cars and an ambulance showed up. One of the cars headlights were shining in our windows. The guy was sitting in his truck passed out with radio blaring. He was told to turn it down and he did. But after they left he turned it back on and drove his truck out back and forth shining his lights in neighbors windows cuz he thought they turned him in. So they called the owner and the cops came out again about 1;30. This time they told him to go inside and stay there and if he came out and got in truck again they would arrest him. They actually drove thru a 3rd time later to make sure he was inside. I wonder if the owner is gonna evict him now? I guess we shall wait and see.
         Spanky is now 6.2 lb. I just gave him a bath and now he is all tuckered out. Poor puppy , I so abuse him.LOL
          I was originally gonna make creamy peanut soup but Paul kept turning his nose up at the idea and the weather was gonna be too nice for soup. It was 68 yesterday , we washed our vehicles and I waxed my car and Paul shampooed the seats in the truck and vacuumed it This is the first time in 35 years that our cars have to sit outside so I try to keep mine waxed and the interior conditioned and I usually put a window thing in the back and front windows when it is a scorcher out. I wanna keep my new car new.
          Im gonna try to post some pics. If you see them I succeeded. If not, well you know!


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