The New Texans

The New Texans
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

        Hey everybody. havent posted anything for a week or so. This is a picture of Brunswick Stew, A PD recipe. Ive come to the conclusion that her stews are so thick that you dont need to add crackers or sop up with bread. We did have this with garlic bread. It has chicken in it and other good stuff. It was goooood. We had this last weekend and the next day we had it poured over mashed potatoes and that was real good too.
        Last week I also made Chicken fried Steak. I bought cheap top round steak and took a meat mallet to it. Ive never used a mallet before. had to go buy one. This was a PD recipe too, but forgot the picture. It was the best recipe and the meat was tender. The gravy was outstanding.

     Grandson can write his name.There is a few extra arms or curls but if you look close you can tell it spells Kyle. He just turned 4. My other daughters need to send me more pics of the other kids.
      I needed my sewing machine but it is in Co. boxed up and in storage. Decided it would be easier for everybody if I just bought a new one..I was gonna go to Waco and look but decided to look online first.  First i looked at the stores we have here. Then I looked further online. I ended up buying a Brothers computerized, brand new , NOT reconditioned, And the regular price was $399. Guess what I paid ? I paid $148.00, free shipping and no tax!!!!! It will be the nicest machine Ive ever had. Cant wait to get it.

      We walked around this little flea market yesterday and saw the cutest dog beds. The took old jeans, fairly large around the waist. Cut the legs off and sewed the bottom close, added a belt. Then they took old sweatshirts, or t-shirts and made a round padded pillow and put inside the pants. Its hard to discribe but so cute . Im gonna make Spanky one and Ill take a pic and show y'all sometime.

                                            just made this. Its a mississippi mud cake. Yes a PD recipe

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