The New Texans

The New Texans
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Friday, January 6, 2012

     Hey there ya'll, I haven't posted for a few days. I've been having problems doing this. All of a sudden I can't seem to be able to add pictures and was about to give up the whole thing. But I decided to keep writing until I can figure out how to add more pictures. Also had to change to google chrome instead of internet explorer.
     So today I've decided to make PD's recipe for Cheeseburger Meatloaf and sauce for dinner.Need to go to store and pick up a few needed items, but I have most everything I need.I think I will add to it PD's turnip mashed potatoes(not sure about this one, turnips you know) Unless I figure out how to add a picture of this, you will just get to hear how good it was. But I will take pics for later when I do learn how to add them. Ive started out with simple recipes because unless I go into Waco to a large grocery store, I might not find certain Ingredients for different recipes cuz the little grocery stores in West pretty much carry the basics. Like cheeses, no provolone,blue cheese, feta, white cheddar,gonzola, wedge of parmeson etc. you get it.
     Today I will be taking Spanky to the Vet for more puppy shots..I gave him a bath the other day. I took my grooming arm and noose and attached it to alittle table in the motorhome.Much easier to groom him, I had the control. His hair is getting longer and Im trying to train it to lie down across his nose and up between his eyes, so he has a tiny pony tail on his head and another one behind it. Looks like a sumo wrestler. I used chapstick to get the nose hair to lay down for now. Im going to go buy butch wax and try that later.
      Today it is going to be in the mid 70's. Can't wait. Paul will get home today at 3. But he has to work tomorrow. Sunday he is going goose hunting with a co-worker.
       Here is something ya'll would never expect out of me. I'm gonna take classes to shoot a gun, I need to learn about the different type of guns cuz I think the gun I'm gonna get is a 38(?) ya'll know, like a Dick Tracey gun. Paul is gonna take a class in Concealed Weapons so he can get a license to carry one. Might look in to joining the shooting range. This I guess will be our new thing to do together  We have this arsenal in our motorhome, it seems like the thing to do to learn how to use them. After all we are in Texas.I'll let ya'll know how that goes when I start it.sounds like fun.
        Today Im going to try to paint a sign with our names on it to put outside our motorhome like all those snowbirds do. nobody will ever have one like mine. Since Paul pretty much has his weekend planned, it gives me time to paint.
         I also bought a clicker to help with training this pup. He's a tiny ball of energy and he is becoming a barker which isnt very loud but at 4 in the morning when Paul lets him out I'm sure our neighbors don't appreciate it at all. well I need to get busy so talk at ya'll later

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